Transferring good practices and knowledge from the business world to schools, as well as implementing measures for combating school failure and abandonment are the focus of our activity in the communities in which Super Bock Group is involved.

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Communities Go ON


Go On Comunidades is a project promoted and supported by Super Bock Group, with the collaboration of Smart Value Consulting, the IAPMEI (Institute for Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises) and the Municipal Council of Porto, which has made this initiative part of the municipal educational programme, "Porto de Futuro" (Future Porto) – an initiative that brings several companies together for a single purpose – promoting school success – in which we are all partners.

Go On Comunidades - Dá Forma às Tuas Ideias! (Shape your ideas!) is the contest that, in recent years, has invited secondary school students to think "out of the box". The intention of the initiative aimed at students of the partner schools of the Future Porto programme, is to contribute to the training of young people by encouraging creativity and innovation – integrating skills such as teamwork, clarity in communication or leadership capacity. In real contexts, in the Super Bock Group environment, they are invited to overcome challenges by taking business decisions.

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Future Porto Programme

This project involves the transfer of good practices and knowledge from the business world to schools, as well as the implementation of measures for combating school failure and drop-out and changing models of reference for the new generations, today largely based on phenomena widely known within society.

Super Bock Group is responsible for monitoring and supporting the Rodrigues de Freitas School Group, situated in Porto, with the implementation of several initiatives that seek to support the school’s management, specifically by providing advice in the areas of Human Resources and Marketing; promoting the stimulation of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation; supporting students in vocational training, creating solutions that provide the assurance that, regardless of their economic, social and geographic situation, students can find all the conditions to continue on their academic path.

Junior Achievement


In partnership with the Associação Aprender a Empreender (Learning to Be Enterprising Association), employees volunteer to visit schools to teach Junior Achievement programmes to students in primary school and the 3rd cycle of the Portuguese basic education (7th, 8th and 9th grades), on the topics of Family, Community, and Economics for Success;

Braço Direito (Right Arm)


This initiative involves a volunteer from the company receiving a student from the 3rd cycle of basic education, who accompanies him or her during a work day and participates in daily tasks. Through this experience, students learn about the various career options available to them.

Students from the Rodrigues de Freitas and Castelo de Vide School Groups accompanied company employees and participated in everyday tasks. Through this practical experience, students learned about the company’s culture and organisational structure, work ethics and about the different career options available to them.

A very early professional experience

Since 2012, Super Bock Group has organised an internship week for 3rd cycle and high school students from the Rodrigues de Freitas and Castelo de Vide School Groups. With this initiative, we hope to share experiences and knowledge, allowing students contact with and participation in the everyday activities of the different areas of work, giving them a vision of the reality of the professional world they will find themselves in, and the demands and opportunities linked to one or more specific areas.


Provision of 10 annual scholarships for Junior University, a project sponsored by the University of Porto, which aims to provide 2nd and 3rd cycle and high school students initiation into the university environment, with the aim of raising awareness of the various faculties of the University of Porto and its different research centres.

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