Quality is undoubtedly an attribute common to all Super Bock Group products, which greatly contributes to strengthening customer loyalty.

For Super Bock Group, it is a privilege to continue to do everything to deserve the trust of all those who value our brands. More than a stimulus, it is a responsibility we feel to be the best in an increasingly competitive market.

The Super Bock Group is committed to implementing a strategy of continuous improvement, in order to uphold its principles of cross-sectional sustainability in all of the company’s business areas.

This policy occupies an important place in the Organisation’s leadership and strategy, based on the establishment of strategic objectives in different areas of sustainability.

The Super Bock Group meets customers’ needs and the requirements of the following standards: ISO 9001 (quality); ISO 22000 (food safety); IFS Food (Leça do Balio) (food safety); ISO 14001 (environment); OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety at Work); ISO 50001 (energy).

The Super Bock Group’s constant commitment to its Quality, Food Safety, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health and Energy Management System is based on the following operating principles:

Legal and regulatory compliance

Ensure compliance with regulations, legislation and other applicable requirements subscribed to by the company relating to the Quality, Food Safety, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health and Energy Management System.

Continuous improvement

Promote continuous improvement throughout the value chain, with a particular focus on risk analysis and opportunities resulting from the Super Bock Group’s operations and context, in line with the Organisation’s objectives.

Ensure the adoption of best management practices, ensuring that employees understand their responsibilities and have access to the information and resources necessary for continuous training.

Monitor, evaluate and periodically review the objectives and goals associated with Quality, Food Safety, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health and Energy, ensuring the sharing of the results to employees, in order to boost continuous improvement in the organisation’s performance.

Satisfaction of stakeholders

Establish relationships of trust and transparency with all of the company’s customers and stakeholders, with a view to identifying and satisfying their needs and requirements; acting based on high levels of discipline and quality.

Adopt the processing of complaints as an essential tool for identifying and preventing potential reasons for dissatisfaction.

Culture of Food Quality and Safety

Promote the implementation of good food quality and safety practices, in order to obtain products of recognised quality and excellence, ensuring the consumer’s trust.

Internally promote a culture of "getting it right the first time".

Develop and implement methods for analysing causes, aiming at ensuring correct problem resolution.


Ensure that the Super Bock Group develops and implements innovative projects efficiently and with the greatest possible impact in the market.

Ensure Governance and optimisation of the Innovation Process, balancing the need for structure with the required agility.

Lead pipeline development and Innovation Strategies that guarantee the company’s growth in the medium and long term. Allow the Super Bock Group to allocate resources strategically, better managing risk.

Lead cross-sectional and disruptive projects.

Environmental protection and Improvement of Energy Performance

Promote the protection of the environment, preventing pollution, using measures for mitigating the environmental impacts of the company’s activities.

Support the environmental effectiveness of processes/products and the acquisition of energy-efficient material and services. Promote the rational use of water and energy consumption and the integration of environmental and energy criteria in selecting suppliers.

With these measures, we wish to improve the company’s environmental and energy performance, thus minimising the effects of climate change.

Promotion of Health and Safety at Work

Make safety and health a priority.

Promote a culture of anticipation and prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.

Ensure the presence of safe workplaces, systems and working practices that minimise the occurrence and severity of occupational and professional diseases.

Ensure the prevention of Legionella in all facilities, supported by an identification and risk assessment at all possible points of proliferation and dissemination of Legionella, ensuring effective management of control measures as well as periodic monitoring in an accredited laboratory.

The evaluation of the activities carried out following the safety culture promotion, has listed the need to highlight a few risks and were defined rules of mandatory compliance, which have come to define as Life-saving rules (LSR), whose non-compliance may cause death or permanent disability:

Compliance with life-saving rules - No one can violate a rule that saves lives.

Alcohol and drug use - No one can work or drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) - No one can intervene in an equipment without complying with the LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) procedure.

Active security protection - No one may intervene in an equipment without active safety protections and without obtaining prior authorization.

Confined Space Work - No one may intervene in a confined space without prior authorization.

Working heights - No one can perform work at a height above 1,80m without adequate safety protection.

Work in ATEX, C02, NH3 areas - No one may intervene in ATEX (explosive atmospheres), NH3 (ammonia) and C02 (carbon dioxide) areas without prior authorization.

Naked flame work - No one can perform naked flame work without prior authorization.

Handling chemicals - No one can handle chemicals without ensuring compliance with the rules.

Driving industrial machinery and mechanical handling of loads - No one may drive industrial machines and mechanically move loads without complying with defined procedures.



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